Although perhaps best known for Champagne Powder and as a winter sportsman’s paradise, Steamboat shines as an all-season playground. From world class skiing to gold medal-quality fly fishing to mountain biking, Steamboat has something for everyone year round. Steamboat Springs is host to more than 96 Olympians who have made 157 appearances in the Olympic games, more than any town in the United States. A Colorado mountain town with a world-class ski area, Steamboat Springs thrives on its western heritage. Steamboat has the unique small town charm of a place that celebrates a simpler life, and where the true spirit of the West combines with authentic mountain property and winter and summer activities to create a culture that guides and defines the vision for WSN.


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The unbridled spirit of the original pioneers lives on in Steamboat today…


Steamboat Springs is steeped in a history that would rival any epic on the silver screen. Here at the base of what the Ute Indians called the “Shining Mountains,” native tribes, conquistadors, explorers, cowboys and Mexican bandits once roamed. Alive with wild Western characters, like Butch Cassidy and Kit Carson, the often lawless area was first settled by resilient pioneers in search of gold. Only the most persistent and hardy were able to make a living. With an unbridled spirit, they persevered. Later, the mountain land was settled by homesteaders and ranchers in 1875 seeking a promising new life. They found the winters to be mild, the meadows lush and the sun shone 300 days a year. It is just as perfect a place to raise a family and tend cattle today as it was then.